Solder pastes, solder wires.

Materials for lead and lead-free soldering. Indium solder pastes. Core solder wire for manual and roboics soldering. Bars for wave and selective soldering.

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Cleaning liquids.

Liquids for cleaning electronic assemblies, stencils and pallets. Tools for analyzing the condition of the cleaning agent and contaminations on the board assembly.

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Protective coating

Protective coatings for electronic assemblies. Acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, UV cured. Two-component materials. For automatic and manual application.

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Complete solutions electronics cleaning
ZESTRON High Precision Cleaning

PCBA cleaning

Liquids for cleaning printed circuit boards after soldering: VIGON US - ultrasonic cleaning, VIGON A201 - cleaning in jet machines. ZESTRON FA + is a universal cleaner. ph neutral liquids.

Stencil cleaning

Stencil cleaner: VIGON SC200 is a water-based universal stencil cleaning liquids. Manual and machine cleaning of stencils. Stencils cleaning in the cleaners built into the printer.

Machines cleaning

Cleaning liquids for maintenance of soldering machines. Cleaning of soldering ovens, wave soldering and selective soldering machines. Hand and machine cleaning machines parts.

Pallets cleaning

Cleaning liquids for maintenance of soldering machines. Cleaning pallets for wave and selective soldering machines. Cleaning of pallets for selective conformal coating machines.

Process control

Instruments and chemical kits for monitoring the concentration of the cleaning solution. Automatic devices that are built into cleaning machines. Mobile monitoring kits for a local analysis.


Indication of activator residues on electronic assemblies after soldering. Analysis of the cleanliness of a printed circuit board. Possibility to determine the local distribution of contamination on ...

Coating test

Tools for the analysis and testing of protective coatings on electronic assemblies. Determination of defects at the protective coatings on the surface of the PCB and on the edges without damaging the ...


Testing the cleanliness of electronic assemblies for compliance with IPC, MIL international standards by Zestron. Using visual, chemical and physical testing and measurement methods.

Cleaning solutions

Low cost solutions for cleaning SMT stencils
High quality of solder paste printing.

Reducing electronics components complicates not only the process of mounting electronics components on printed circuit boards. The process of solder paste printing becomes more complicated. It becomes very important to print fine dose of solder paste on the boards. If stencil cleaning now it is a necessity. Not all small companies can afford automatic stencil cleaners. Ultrasonic baths need a lot of cleaning liquid. Portable ultrasonic stencil cleaner is the most cost-effective and reliable solution.

Ultrasonic cleaner


Low-cost, portable system for ultrasonic cleaning of solder paste stencils. The equipment can be used directly at the workplace. The device allows you to clean apertures of the stencil with a minimum consumption of cleaning fluids.

SMT stencil cleaner

Vigon SC200

Long bath life as well as low maintenance costs. Regeneration by mechanical filtration. Effectively stencil cleaning at room temperature. Spray cleaning machines, ultrasonic baths, understencil cleaning, manual cleaning.

Solder paste printer

SMT Stencil Wipes

Lint-free wipes for cleaning SMT stencils for solder paste printing. They are used to clean stencils, to obtain clear and high-quality prints of solder paste and to reduce defects rate after soldering. For manual cleaning of stencils.

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