Machines installation at the customer's production facilities. Development of technological processes and launch of serial production.

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Technical training for the operation, programming and machines maintenance. Training in the Customer's plant and in the our technical office.

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Technical support for the operators and processes engineers. Online consultation by email, phone and visit specialists to the Customer's plant.

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Obtaining further information by make a contact with our experienced staffs.

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Complete solutions for electronics manufacturing
Automation of PCBA processes


Complete solutions for SMT. Production lines for SMT of PCB assembly production. Entry-level machines for small production and mass production lines.


Complete solutions for through hole electronics components mounting. Full automation of component placing into PCB holes. Selective and wave soldering.

Conformal coating

Complete solutions for conformal coatings on boards. Automatic stand-alone machines. Automated lines with materials curing and automatic inspection.


Complete solutions for optimizing optical inspection of the quality of component mounting on boards. Stand-alone AOI line to work with multiple assembly lines.

High End machines

Minimal risks in the delivery of equipment. Machines from leading manufacturers of PCB assembly equipment.

Complete solution

Optimized integrated manufacturing solutions for customer requirements. Organization of production processes.

Installation and training

Machines installation at the production facilities of the Customer. Process development. Technical training.

Technical support

Technical and technological support by phone and email. Technical support at the customer's production