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SMART solutions for PCB assembly

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Machines for SMT
Machines for SMT

Supply of machines for surface mounting and through holes mounting.

Machines for SMT
Materials for soldering
Materials for soldering

Materials for soldering, cleaning boards and stencils. Conformal coatings for PC...

Materials for soldering
Machines service
Machines service

Machines installation and development of technological processes.

Machines service
Tech support
Tech support

Warranty and post-warranty technical and process support.

Tech support
Technical training
Technical training

Operation, programming and maintenance training .

Technical training

Maximum result with minimum investment.
Feel the lightness!

Supply of machines small-scale production of SMT and prototype production. Compact design and high quality electronic assembly processes. A budgetary series of equipment for all occasions.

Maximum flexibility for contract manufacturers.
Feel the freedom!

Supply of machines for the medium multi-products production of assembly of printed circuit boards of various complexity. Latest technology and stability. Operational reliability and quick changeover. A series of flexible machines with maximum capabilities.

Maximum speed and maximum efficiency.
Feel the speed!

Supply of machines for large-scale production of circuit boards assembly. Maximum productivity and efficiency of the SMT line. Reliable production engine that can run at maximum speed for a long time.

Maximum opportunities and maximum prospects.
Be on top!

Supply of innovative equipment of the High-End class for serial and large-scale multi-product production of PCB assembly of increased complexity. An innovative solutions with a large margin for the development of board assembly technologies in the future.

Process development

SMT, THT, Cleaning, Protective Coating, Inspection and Testing.

Development of Greenfeald projects.

Designing a plant for the production of electronics, construction and organization of production.

Machines and materials for electronics assembly

SMT PROF all for SMT


Machines for SMT and THT. Automatic components storage, SPI and AOI, conveyors, traceability and production software.

Selective soldering

Machines for selective soldering. Off-line and in-line machines. Singe wave and multi-wave. Big wave module to upgrade machine to wave soldering machines.

Selective coating

Selective coating of electronic assemblies. Automation of material dispensing, sealing, filling and optical bounding. Curing and inspection.

PCBA and stencil cleaning.

Machines for cleaning electronics assemblies after soldering. Jet washing machines for stencils. Cleaning of pallets and parts of soldering machines.

Small SMT

Machines for small production and prototyping. Manual manipulators and semi-automatic manipulators for SMD mounting. Fine-pitch components placers.

PCB separation

Stress-free separation of pre-scored PCBs. Manual and automated devices. Long boards (LED) FR4 and Al separators. Precision PCB magazines.

Cleaning liquids

Liquids for cleaning electronics assemblies, stencils and maintenance. Cleaners for power electronics. Process optimization products.

Solder paste and solder

SnPb and Pb-free soldering materials. Solder paste, solder wire, solder bars. Ultra-low voiding solder paste with the best stencil print transfer efficiency.

Conformal coating

Conformal coatings for electronic assemblies: acrylic, silicone, urethane, rubber. UV curable conformal coatings. Thinners and stripers.



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