Line solutions for SMD mounting. Solder paste printers. Pick and place machines. Soldering ovens. PCB conveyers. Loaders and unloaders.

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Machines for through hole mounting. Insertion Solution – THT. Inserters with integration in line. Selective soldering and wave soldering machines.

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Machines for cleaning electronic assemblies after soldering. Stencil cleaning. Cleaning of soldering pallets and mechanical parts of soldering machines.

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Machines for conformal coating of electronic boards. Stencil cleaning. Selective coating, sealing and filling. Optical bonding. Curing and inspection.

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Solder paste inspection machines (SPI). Automatic optical inspection (AOI) for SMD and through hole soldering components. SPI and AOI in one machines.

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Equipment for wires and cables processing. Automatic cutting and stripping. Tinning. Crimping terminals. Modules for complete processing of wires.

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Complete solutions for electronics assembly
JUKI Smart Solutions


JUKI SMT mounters are suitable for different types of production from small to mass production. It is the optimal solution for companies looking for reliable and long-term assembly solutions.


The best insertion Solution on the market. Machine can mount a lot of components on PCB. High precision and reliability. Highest Speed. Integration into SMT lines without cycle reduction.


JUKI stencil printers are machines of the highest quality. Available for various PCB sizes. Used with JUKI mounters, with JUKI soldering ovens, creating SMART SMT solutions.


JUKI solutions for Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) can save resources and find defects in the early stages of the electronics manufacturing process.


JUKI offers intelligent storage solutions for components. An intelligent and efficient storage management saves time and money throughout the entire production process.


JUKI reflow ovens ensure the minimum temperature variation on electronic assemblies. Soldering in nitrogen atmosphere. Minimal maintenance. Integration into the management system.


JUKI's board handling solution allows you to customize the equipment to your individual requirements. From small production facilities to big line solutions. Special offers for non-standard tasks.


JUKI software solutions improve production productivity. The modular software concept allows easy to fit software to individual customer requirements. Continuously improving production processes.

High-End SMT machines

Complete solutions for surface mounting
SMT line

Solder paste printer


Solder paste inspection and stencil apertures inspection in standard configuration.

SMD mounter


Placement Rate: 42 000 CPH. Component Size: till 74mm / 50×150mm. Board Size: 1200x370mm

Reflow oven


Very good thermal properties on the board. Fast warm-up time and low energy consumption.

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High End machines

Minimal risks in the delivery of equipment. Machines from leading manufacturers of PCB assembly equipment.

Complete solution

Optimized integrated manufacturing solutions for customer requirements. Organization of production processes.

Installation and training

Machines installation at the production facilities of the Customer. Process development. Technical training.

Technical support

Technical and technological support by phone and email. Technical support at the customer's production